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The program «the new settler» opens the projects for improving housing conditions

The target audience of the program «the new settler» («Policy Le-Mistaken»), offers new apartments with discounts of hundreds of thousands of shekels – are families without their own housing, and homeless singles over the age of 35.

Now for the first time opened the drawing projects designed for families who already have their own apartment, but who want to sell it for the sake of buying more. We are talking about improving their living conditions – so-called «mesara diyur».

According to the press service of the Ministry of Finance, the first draws for this category of families held in cities., mA’alot Tarshiha, Kiryat Bialik and Kiryat Motzkin. They can apply for participation on the official website of the program «the new settler», on a par with the first, second and third phase of the program («Cider Aleph», «Beth Cider» and «Cider Gimel»).

To improve the living conditions of families of open draws in those projects where previous drawing left 10% of apartments (or at least 25 apartments is one of the variants), the press service said.

«Mesara diyur» – this alone is over 35 or families, in the possession of only one apartment or one-third or more of the apartments in common ownership, or apartment or the share of apartments have been in their property for 6 years prior to the acquisition of apartments in the framework of the project «Policy Le-Mistaken».

— Sale, purchase and rent housing in Israel

The program «the new settler» opens the projects for improving housing conditions 24.10.2017

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