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The Qatari diplomat al-Ahmadi admitted to systematic visits to Israel

Qatari diplomat Mohammed al-Amadi, extraordinary Ambassador of Qatar to the Palestinian authority and head of the Committee for the reconstruction of the Gaza strip, admitted that in 2014 no less than twenty times I visited Israel, reports the website of the Oriental Express, with reference to the channel «al Arabiya». Moreover, according to him, the visits, which at first was secret, more are not.

Muhammad al-Amadi said that the Emirate has to the Gaza strip financial assistance: moreover, we are talking about population, not about Hamas. Al-Amadi said that «Israel would not allow Qatar to help Hamas».

«Al-Arabiya» emphasizes that Qatar is serious about normalizing relations with Israel.

Recall, 19 in the Gaza strip, the crowd attacked the car in which there was Muhammad al-Ahmadi. People surrounded the car of the Ambassador, accusing Qatar that he split the Gaza strip and Ramallah.

Muhammad al-Amdi came to the Gaza strip to report on the humanitarian assistance programme of Qatar. In particular, he said that Doha will transfer to the government of Gaza is 9 million dollars.

According to Maan, 600 thousand dollars from assistance provided by Qatar, will be spent on food parcels, 500 thousand – in the hospital, $ 2 million on medical equipment, $ 2 million – for the reconstruction of the buildings and 1 million for help in «humanitarian cases.»

The Qatari diplomat al-Ahmadi admitted to systematic visits to Israel 24.02.2018

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