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The rabbis demanded to cancel the ban on entry to Israel, BDS activists

More than two hundred rabbis, the representatives of the liberal streams of Judaism signed the letter, urging the Israeli authorities to lift the ban on the entry of activists of the BDS, calling for a boycott of the Jewish state.

This message was a response to what happened last month in an incident Lebanese Alice Weiss, representing the movement of «Jewish voice for peace», which supports BDS, was denied the right to Board a plane of the Israeli airline flying from Washington DULLES airport.

Weiss led a team of five people, among whom were two Jews, a Christian and a Muslim who is also not allowed to fly to Israel on the orders of the Israeli government, writes the Jewish news Agency JTA.

In his letter, 212 rabbis, called the ban «anti-democratic», and they need to recognize their right to difference in opinions: «the Boycott is a legitimate means of non-violent tactics, which is used both in our country and abroad to ensure justice for the marginalized and oppressed communities. Only God can decide right decision or not. We are all concerned about only one thing – how to ensure peace and equality for Israelis and Palestinians, we argue, fight for it».

We will remind that in March of this year the Knesset approved an amendment to the law prohibiting the leaders of the BDS movement entry into Israel. This code is directed against individuals and legal entities that actively promote a boycott of the Jewish state and able to deliver its activities, the expense of the Israelis.

The rabbis demanded to cancel the ban on entry to Israel, BDS activists 09.08.2017

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