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The ranking of major cities for quality of life: leader Rehovot, bat Yam closes

Central Bureau of statistics of Israel published the rating the 14 largest cities in the country for quality of life in them as of 2017. The rating is made on the basis of the data of the CSB, which featured all 14 cities. In total, the calculation was adopted on 19 different indicators.

The rating was compiled on such subjective factors as job satisfaction, satisfaction with quality of housing, sense of ability to overcome problems, and on objective data, including child mortality, the number of accidents and average life expectancy.

First place in the ranking took Rehovot, leading on five of the 19 indicators, only three indicators ranked below the national average. On the second and third places – Ramat Gan has the highest life expectancy and Rishon LeZion, where residents are more satisfied with their place of residence.

The surprise was the fourth place of Bnei Brak, considered one of the poorest cities in the country. He took first place on indicators such as satisfaction with quality of life, expectations about the future, subjective assessment of health the number of fatalities and the number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents. At the same time for the four indicator Bnei Brak – the last, and four – below the national average.

This is followed by Petah Tikva, where more satisfied with their economic situation, Holon and tel Aviv, which occupies the last place in the number of fatalities and injuries in the accident and the first place in terms of employment.

The second half of the rankings open the Ashdod and Ashkelon. Haifa only on the 10th place. Residents of the capital of the Israeli North were the most pessimistic about their future and lead to the level of dissatisfaction with their conditions of employment.

Netanya – 11-I, beer-Sheva 12th, Jerusalem – the 13th (residents of the capital are the least satisfied with their place of residence), and closes the rating of bat Yam, where residents are least satisfied with the quality of life.

The ranking of major cities for quality of life: leader Rehovot, bat Yam closes 12.03.2018

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