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The rating of state military power: Israel was not included in the top ten

The edition publishes the Global Firepower rating of the defense power of the States of the world. In compiling the list took into account not only the size of the armed forces, but also other factors that affect defenses. The authors of the rating emphasize that do not take into account the nuclear potential.

Among the factors considered in the calculation of the geographical position, the size, the dependence on exports of resources, economy, fleet power of States with access to the sea. Not take into account the level of political leadership and military command.

First place in the ranking took the United States – the country with the most powerful economy and the most equipped armed forces. In second place is Russia, the third – China. The top ten also includes India, UK, France, South Korea, Germany, Japan and Turkey.

Israel entered the top ten, taking eleventh place. According to the publication, in service with the IDF is 4.170 tanks, 10.185 armored personnel carriers, 650 artillery self-propelled barrels, 300 barrels of towed artillery, 48 multiple rocket launchers.

IDF air force has 681 aircraft and helicopter, including 243 multi-purpose aircraft, 143 helicopters, of which 48 were defined as shock, 101 Board transport aircraft. It is unclear whether the unmanned aerial vehicles.

Equipment Navy more modest – only 66 ships. This list included three corvettes, six submarines and 56 boats of the coast guard.

Note that in addition to Turkey and Israel, among regional leaders can meet Egypt, who took 18th place, Iran, which is on the 23rd place, and Saudi Arabia, who had withdrawn from his main opponent in five positions. It should also be noted 42nd place in Syria.

After Russia the second place in the post Communist space is occupied, as expected, Poland – ranking it in 19th place. Ukraine took the 25th place, Czech Republic – 29th, Belarus – by 45-m site.

The rating of state military power: Israel was not included in the top ten 15.02.2016

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