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The recognition of the «Israeli spy» in Lebanon: Ron Arad died from torture in 1988

Lebanese man accused of spying for Israel, court in Beirut said that terrorists captured Navigator Ron Arad died in 1988 from the effects of torture, reported Lebanese newspaper the Daily Star.

Evidence had been given at the trial of five Lebanese citizens accused of spying for Israel. One of the defendants, mufid Kuntar, a member of the military wing of the Syrian social nationalist party (SSNP or PPS currently supports Bashar al-Assad), insisted on the innocence. In his version, he had provided Israel disinformation. Thus the defendant said that in 1988 saw Ron Arad.

According to him, at that time Arad was questioned by some «young people» who couldn’t get the prisoner. From which they were groups not reported. Not knowing exactly who was a prisoner, Kuntar told them to take the prisoner to the shower and give him new clothes. But in the toilet Arad died. According to the accused, death occurred from exhaustion and the effects of torture to which the pilot was subjected to during interrogations. Only later, several years later, the defendant learned that it was a question of Israeli military pilot.

The Israeli government still officially considers Arad alive, although the Commission of military intelligence a few years ago has concluded his death in captivity.

Recall that In 1986 the aircraft of Arad was shot down over Lebanon. Both pilots ejected, the pilot was able to pick up Israeli soldiers, and the Navigator was captured. According to the version of the Israeli Commission of inquiry, initially, Arad was held in Lebanon by militant Mustafa Dirani. But in 1988, Dirani, who feared that the Israeli soldiers carry out an operation to liberate the captive, appealed to the Iranian regime and asked to take Arad. Then fighters of «al-Quds», the special forces Corps of the Islamic revolutionary guard, stole the Navigator and moved to another place.

In 1990, the IRGC has taken Ron Arad to Iran and jailed in Tehran. Navigator, was being held in isolation and secrecy. Then he again returned to Lebanon, but continued to hold on objects by Iranian militants. The Commission believed that in 1995, Arad died of illness. The patient Navigator has not been provided the necessary medical assistance, which led to death.

Earlier also there was a version according to which Arad was able to escape from his captors of the Lebanese terrorists, but soon after died in the mountains in an accident.

The recognition of the «Israeli spy» in Lebanon: Ron Arad died from torture in 1988 20.02.2016

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