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The referendum in Switzerland: the citizens refuse to deport foreigners

The people’s party of Switzerland (SVP), immigration and holding 65 seats in the 200-seat lower house of Parliament, initiated a nationwide referendum. Citizens were asked to answer the question whether they would agree to expel foreigners who have committed crimes.

About it writes on Sunday, February 28, foreign media reports referring to news Agency Reuters and AP.

Under the proposed SVP plan for those who have committed serious crimes, such as murder or rape was supposed to be deported immediately. Foreigners who have been convicted of less serious offences, was given probation for 10 years.

Preliminary results of this vote indicate that Swiss citizens do not approve the plan because a quarter of the population has foreign passports and are, mainly, natives of other European countries.

The Federal Council, representing the Executive branch, calls the project «inhuman and leading to discrimination» two million foreigners living in Switzerland today.

Note a curious detail: on the SVP flag depicted a white sheep standing on a mountaintop, dropping down his black relative. Opponents of the plan comparing the project of the people’s party with the German Nazi regime and apartheid South Africa.

Recall that Switzerland is not an EU member, but part of the Schengen zone, giving the right to visa-free border crossing.

The referendum in Switzerland: the citizens refuse to deport foreigners 28.02.2016

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