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The reform of tariffs for journey in public transport will operate from Metulla to Eilat

Minister of transport Yisrael Katz and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon approved the distribution of a reform of tariffs for journey in public transport in all settlements of the country, from Metulla to Eilat.

Minister of transport Yisrael Katz noted that the spread of reform throughout the country will allow additional hundreds of thousands of passengers using public transport to save on discounts when you purchase a one-day, weekly or monthly travel card.

Among the localities where also soon will enter into force on reform of Galilee, Afula, Beit she’an, Wadi Ara, Samaia, Shiloh and the surrounding area, Kiryat gat and Hevel-Eilot.

Reform of fares, which came into force on 1 January 2016, suggests that the majority of transit users who purchase certain types of tickets, reduction of costs, and also provides free connectivity between various modes of public transport (train, tram, bus and «Metronet»).

The reform introduced four main tariff zones: «greater tel Aviv», «big Haifa», «big Beersheba», «great Jerusalem». Each of them consists of three subzones, and each subzone an additional three rate.

The reform covers almost 70% of users of public transport, and is a huge success among passengers, as the economy of the family can reach a few thousand shekels a year.

According to Minister Yisrael Katz, a special network tariffs is intended to reduce the high cost of living and to attract new users to public transport, saving many regular passengers, especially in peripheral localities, a few thousands of shekels per family.

Settlements not previously included in the grid tariff reforms on travel, join one of the four target tariff zones. The Galilee area is divided into sub — Golan, Upper Galilee and Safed, and Tiberias and the Kinneret, will be treated to the tariff zones «big Haifa», as well as Afula, Beit she’an and the surrounding area.

Harish and Wadi Ara from the perspective of transportation zones, will be able to join as one of the «big Haifa» and «big tel Aviv». Next year, when it launched a so-called «valley Train» («Rakevet and Haemek»), a one-day, weekly and monthly travel passes in the area will be valid for travel by train.

The district of Samaria will join the tariff zone of the «big tel Aviv», the awl and the surrounding area to the «big Jerusalem». Residents of Kiryat-gat and the surrounding area will be able to choose at will travel on tariffs tel Aviv or be’er Sheva. On line Kiryat gat-Ashkelon will be above the passes, introduced as part of the reform.

The city of Eilat will become an additional, fifth tariff area and include the settlements of Hevel-Eilot.

New season tickets for travel grant for regular public transport customers significant savings. So, for example the travel route of Kiryat Shmona – Karmiel today is 23 shekel 10 agorot in one direction, based on the month (20 working days) — 924 shekel. In the near future on this route for a monthly pass, the passenger will pay 423 shekel.

Monthly pass Kiryat Shmona Tiberias will cost 213 shekels instead of 1080. Monthly pass Katzrin, Karmiel — 423 shekel instead of 1080. Monthly pass Safed – Rosh Pina – NIS 149. Monthly pass Safed – Kiryat Shmona – 213 shekels. Monthly pass Afula –Haifa – will cost 423 shekel, Afula-Karmiel – 423.

Monthly pass Kiryat gat to tel Aviv will cost NIS 423 and provide free passage within a Large tel Aviv. Monthly pass Kiryat-gat – beer-Sheva will cost 354 shekel, and provide free passage within a Large beer-Sheba.

Transport Ministry of transport informs that the reform will be extended to other cities of Israel in the near future.

The reform of tariffs for journey in public transport will operate from Metulla to Eilat 16.02.2016

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