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The report of sir Owen: Litvinenko was poisoned Lugovoi and Kovtun

Thursday, January 21, in London there was published the report of sir Robert Owen – Chairman of a public trial about the death of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko.

The report concluded that Litvinenko was poisoned with Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun during a joint tea party over 9 years ago. «I am sure that Lugovoi and Kovtun added polonium-210 in tea in the Pine Bar in the Millennium hotel on 1 November 2006. I am also sure that they did it with intent to poison Litvinenko,» – said in the report Owen. Thus, it is noted that there is no data to prove that Lugovoi and Kovtun knew exactly what chemical they use.

According to sir Owen, Lugovoi and Kovtun were acting on the orders of other people, apparently, from the leadership of the FSB.

Sir Owen exclude the version of suicide or accidental poisoning of Litvinenko. Rejected the version about the possible involvement of businessman Boris Berezovsky to the death of Litvinenko.

Russian state media publish the Kremlin’s reaction to the report: in Moscow consider this a complete «Litvinenko affair» illegitimate and unacceptable.

Recall that in November 2006, Alexander Litvinenko, who at the time collaborated with the British intelligence service M16, was poisoned with radioactive tea in the Millennium hotel. The «polonium trail» was discovered in the neighborhoods of London, visited by the messengers of the Kremlin Andrei Lugovoi, now a state Duma Deputy from the liberal democratic party, and his accomplice, businessman Dmitry Kovtun, formerly an officer of the Soviet army.

Widow Marina Litvinenko claims that her husband, who was investigating Putin’s ties with the mafia, became a victim of the Kremlin. In 1999 he accused the FSB, the successor to the KGB, in a series of murders, then fled Russia. A victim of the Russian special services became, in her opinion, and disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who died in 2013 under mysterious circumstances.

Spanish sources relevant to the case, said in an interview with the newspaper Times of London that Litvinenko was the only person ready to confirm the connection of the Putin administration with a criminal syndicate. In June 2006, five months before death, he was in for four hours told the Spanish authorities about the involvement of Putin’s money-laundering Colombian drug cartel.

In addition, being in a hospital bed, Litvinenko claimed that Anna Politkovskaya, and a number of other opponents of Putin’s regime, were killed on his orders.

Commission of inquiry into the murder of Litvinenko, which started a year ago, has focused on the second suspect – Dmitry Kovtun, who, as it became known to investigators, told his German friend that he’s looking for a cook in London to put some poison «traitor with blood on his hands».

Recall that Kovtun met with Litvinenko on 1 November 2006, a week later, the German police reported that the house of the former wife of Kovtun in Hamburg and at her mother’s house in Haselau had traces of radiation, against him opened a criminal case on suspicion of possession and transportation of radioactive substances on the territory of Germany, but some time later the case was closed. Kovtun himself is his involvement in the murder of Litvinenko denies, and argues that service of the FSB was not.

Answering the question about «radioactive trace», which trailed behind him at various points in London, as well as in the plane, Kovtun explained: «In the night from 15th to 16th it is bad, it breaks, he calls for an ambulance. In the morning he meets us, and I can imagine that it’s all in Polonia, after that, we greeted him by the hand. And after that, we left everywhere a trail».

Lawyer Robin Tam told reporters that Litvinenko tried to poison, however, the first attempt two weeks before the second, was unsuccessful.

Three weeks before his death, Litvinenko, on his deathbed, declared that the customer of murder was Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose messengers poisoned him with radioactive polonium-210.

British diplomats are urging Prime Minister David Cameron to abandon economic sanctions against Russia, which may be imposed after the verdict was announced, the Commission of inquiry.

The report of sir Owen: Litvinenko was poisoned Lugovoi and Kovtun 21.01.2016

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