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The report of the auditor General: tram in gush Dan will not be started in due time

Wednesday, March 14, state Comptroller Yosef Shapira published a report on several important topics concerning the military, security, and financial management and construction.

One of the chapters of the report of the auditor General for the construction of the «red line» light metro in gush Dan. After reviewing the progress of construction, Shapira concludes that there is a high probability that the company «Netivei Tambura Ironik» (NETA), responsible for the strip lines will not be able to complete the work within the established timeframe. He also warns that the cost of the project will continue to grow.

In a report published the next day after the coalition parties managed to agree on the law on conscription of the ultra-Orthodox for military service and thus avoid an early election, the state Comptroller indicated a significant gap between the number of recruits from among the yeshiva students and the goals set by the government in this direction. The state Comptroller says the lack of proper operation with recruits from among the ultra-Orthodox youth, as well as control over the draft Dodgers and those who dropped out of the yeshiva, but did not appear at the recruiting station.

Yosef Shapira in his report indicates that after examining the errors made by the operators of the emergency call to the police when the signal processing on the abduction of Gilad Shaera, Naftali Frenkel and ifrah, law enforcement agencies have made the necessary changes in a service operation «Moked 100». The report says that the inspector General of police must urgently take steps to improve telephone services in Judea and Samaria.

Another Chapter of the report of the auditor General was dedicated to the relationship of IDF soldiers with the civilian population of the Gaza strip during operation protective edge. Yosef Shapira notes that the servicemen did not receive clear instructions on how you need to behave with the civilian population. The behavior of the soldiers and officers did not conform to humanitarian norms established by international law and the high court have pointed out the IDF for it.

The report of the auditor General: tram in gush Dan will not be started in due time 14.03.2018

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