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The representative of the RF IC to bring Khodorkovsky to justice, even if he is in Antarctica

Official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin commented on Wednesday, December 23, the message about the arrest in absentia of former head of YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovsky. On the official website, he said: «the measures of restraint if the decision about attraction as an accused, is the standard procedural action. No matter where is hiding the accused in the Commission of especially grave crimes in Russia or abroad, Yes, even in Antarctica – we are obliged to take all legal measures to bring him to justice».

«The investigative Committee shall act in accordance not only with the norms of Russian legislation and international law, and guided by one of the major principles of criminal justice — the inevitability of punishment. And this principle should apply to all without exception, and especially to persons accused of committing especially serious crimes, such as murder and attempted murder», – concluded the representative of the UK.

Earlier in the day it became known that Basmanny court of Moscow ruled in absentia arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the investigating authorities announced the businessman on the international wanted list, adding that the period of detention – two months will be counted from the moment of actual detention ECA-heads of YUKOS.
Law enforcement agencies organized the international search Khodorkovsky at the level of the CIS countries and those States with which the Russian Federation concluded agreements on mutual extradition, but the Interpol in no hurry to join this process, the website

Press Secretary of former head of YUKOS, Kyle Pispanen said in an interview with RIA «Novosti that Mikhail Khodorkovsky is not going to change their way of life in connection with the charges against him. «He did not care. These actions will in no way restrict his movements. Mikhail Borisovich anyway. He’s a free man, and not to limit myself in anything,» said Piispanen.
About the same, but in a more rigid form, Pispanen also said «Russian news service».

«Any way of solving these monkeys will not affect the life and movement of Mikhail Borisovich. In any way the actions of these bad people his freedom is not threatened. No response to powerless in a lawless field, defies logic and law, the actions of the Investigative Committee can’t be» – thus a press-the Secretary has articulated the position of the boss in conversation with journalists of «Russian news service».

On his page on the social network Twitter,Vladimir Markin responded to the statement of Pispanen as follows: «In place of the Swiss of mayors and entrepreneurs, but I would be worried by Khodorkovsky’s statement about the refusal to change lifestyle».

The representative of the RF IC to bring Khodorkovsky to justice, even if he is in Antarctica 23.12.2015

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