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The residents of tel Aviv will be charged with ordering arson and attacks on another ex-wife

The police completed the investigation against the 47-year-old resident of tel Aviv, Y. A. associated with a criminal organization in the district and Shfela. It is suspected that hired two performers in order to harm the man, consisting in an intimate relationship with his ex-wife. He also ordered the burning of the office in Herzliya, owned by the man who filed a lawsuit against him. On Friday, 8 September, the press service of the police.

For assaulting a friend of his ex-wife J. A. was prepared to pay tens of thousands of shekels. He appealed to 30-year-old resident of Ofakim, R. A. and another person and asked them to hit a man with a knife. J. A. showed them pictures of men, and they even went near the place of his work.

In August, J. A. was sent two police officers who were posing as friends of R. A. and his partner in crime. In an interview with the suspect offered 20 thousand shekels for assaulting a friend of his ex-wife. During the next meeting with the police he asked the man shot in the knees. He also said that using blackmail him to get 250-300 thousand shekels.

Recently A. J. was on trial for threats against this man, and for a long time he was under house arrest. According to suspicion, a few months ago he tried to «fine» with his victims for the time spent under arrest. But when he refused to pay, J. A. decided to organize an attack on him.

During the investigation it was also revealed that in June last year, J. A. R. A. was sent and another person to set fire to the office in Herzliya. Have Ya had a conflict with a business owner due to the fact that he decided not to rent J. A. property which the suspect used for his restaurant in tel Aviv.

In this case, J. A. also decided to «penalize» the business owner who won a lawsuit against him. However, the man refused to pay. Then, Y. A. has decided to set a fire.

Sunday, September 10, J. A., R. A., and other defendants in the case will be indicted.

The residents of tel Aviv will be charged with ordering arson and attacks on another ex-wife 08.09.2017

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