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The results of investigation of accident of the helicopter air force base, «Ramon»

Wednesday, January 31, the press service of the IDF announced the completion of the investigation into the accident combat Apache helicopter, which occurred on 7 August 2017 air force base, «Ramon».

In the crash killed the pilot 43-year-old major David (Dudi) Zohar. The co-pilot, a senior Lieutenant O. received very severe wounds. According to press service of the army only two weeks ago O. returned to service in the air force after a long recovery process.

The investigation was conducted with the participation of the Boeing company, representatives of the U.S. army and civilian personnel. The final conclusions of the Commission of experts, headed by Colonel A. coincide with intermediate conclusions.

From the report of the Commission, the handle control of the helicopter were not fixed in accordance with the rules. Because of this, there was instability, deformation and complete failure during the flight. As a result, the helicopter abruptly dodged to the left, and the crew lost the ability to control the tail rotor.

The report noted that such a failure is extremely rare that complicate its recognition and removal by the crew. A fault of this kind does not allow to make an emergency landing in an open area and requires return to base and emergency landing runway. The crew, carrying out training flight, has managed to bring the car to the base of the «Ramon», however, during landing, the helicopter lost control and crashed. The report noted that the pilot David Zohar managed to bring the car to the base, and it is possible to provide emergency assistance to the second pilot, who received serious injuries.

The results of the investigation updated on the knobs helicopters, and also developed a program for retraining of technical staff. Flying Apache helicopters were resumed on 24 September 2017.

Report presented to the commander air force major General Amikam Norcino.

The crash of military helicopters in Israel. Help

07.08.2017. In the framework of «Ramon» in the Negev crashed Apache helicopter. Killed the pilot reserve major David Zohar (43), the second pilot was seriously injured.

12.03.2013. In the area Shefelat Yehuda, near kibbutz Revadim, during a night training flight crashed helicopter Bell AH-1 Cobra («Cobra»). Killed two soldiers-reservists: Lieutenant Colonel Noam Ron (49), from Oranit, and major Erez Flekser (31), Haifa.

10.09.2008. In the area of Ginegar kibbutz in the Jezreel valley in the North of the country crashed military helicopter «Cobra», carrying out training flight. Victims of the crash were two officers of the reserve: major Shai Danur (35) and pilot Yuval Holzman (45).

13.08.2006. second Lebanon war. Militants of the Shiite terrorist organization, Hizbullah shot down a transport military helicopter «Yasur» with MANPADS. In the explosion of a helicopter killed 29-year-old major AMI Ben-Naim, 36-year-old major Nissan Shalev, 25-year-old captain Daniel Gomez, 33-year-old captain Ron the Messiah and 26-year-old Sergeant Keren Tandler.

24.07.2006. second Lebanon war. A military helicopter «Apache»crashed near Safed. In the accident, two people died: 42-year-old Colonel Tzvi Loft and a 23-year-old Lieutenant Tom Farkash. The cause of the crash was a technical malfunction during the flight of the helicopter separated the main screw. The problem has occurred from-for breakages of the transmission.

21.07.2006. second Lebanon war. In the result of collision of two military helicopters «Apache» near the Israeli-Lebanese border killed major IDF air force Ron Yehoshua Kochba and three crew members were injured. The cause of the accident was pilot error.

15.03.1998. Helicopter «Cobra» fell into the sea in the area of the base «Palmachim». Killed the base commander Brigadier General Shmuel Eldar (45) and Lieutenant Ilan Gur (22).

04.02.1997. Two transport helicopters «Yasur» ran into each other on the way to Lebanon. Killed 73 soldiers and officers.

31.03.1996. During the exercises in the Dead sea area helicopter «Yasur» crashed into a mountainside. Killed 7 passengers and crew members.

22.04.1990. During night exercises on the landing faced the two helicopters landed troops. Killed 7 crew members.

01.01.1989. The disaster on the border with Egypt killed a helicopter pilot. The rest of the crew survived, having received wounds of varying severity.

20.11.1977. Four crew members died during a routine flight when their helicopter crashed near kibbutz gat.

15.07.1977. As a result of technical problems crashed helicopter participated in the exercises over the Judean desert. Killed 6 crew members.

17.05.1977. The technical malfunction of the helicopter flying to refuel, crashed to the ground, killing the pilots and a flight engineer.

10.05.1977. During the exercise, airborne units of the IDF in the Judean desert helicopter «Yasur» crashed 6 kilometers North of Jericho collapsed. Killed 44 paratroopers and 10 crew members.

19.04.1974. Two «Asura» faced at the airport, «Mahanaim.» Killed 8 passengers and crew.

08.07.1971. Helicopter «Yasur» returning from operations over the Sinai Peninsula crashed in the sea about a hundred meters from the shore. As a result of the tragedy killed 10 soldiers.

The results of investigation of accident of the helicopter air force base, «Ramon» 31.01.2018

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