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The results of the elections in great Britain: victory and defeat conservatives «a hung Parliament»

Thursday, June 8 in the UK held a parliamentary General election.

The conservative party led by the current Prime Minister Theresa may has won the elections but lost the absolute majority in the House of Commons (326 seats out of 650).

According to preliminary data, conservatives get 306 seats in Parliament, the labour party, headed by Jeremy Corbin did – 258, the Scottish national party – 34, the liberal democratic party 12, independents – 21.

While the exit poll predicted the conservatives 314 seats, the labour – 266.

If the final results will be approximately the same, after the election Britain expects the so-called «hung Parliament» in which neither of the major political parties will have more than half the seats, according to BBC.

In this case, the government retains powers until the formation of a new, even if some of the Ministers ceased as a result of elections to be a Deputy. At the time of publication of this message, six Ministers have already lost a seat in Parliament. It is known that the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, as well as Ministers of Finance and education Philip Hammond and Justine greening at the results of the elections were pereizbrali in Parliament.

The current parliamentary elections were early. On the conduct of the British government, Theresa may, announced in April. The reason for this decision was disagreement in Parliament in connection with the process of a British exit from the EU.

After the election, Theresa may spoke at the headquarters of the Conservative party in Central London and thanked the staff for their work.

Political commentators do not exclude that after failed elections may fail to form a new Cabinet or not will be his to shape and will leave his post, then her period as Prime Minister will be a record for the last 94 years. Mei holds the post of head of the Cabinet from 13 July 2016.

The party with the most MPs in Parliament at the end of counting of votes in 650 constituencies is the winner, and its leader almost always becomes the Prime Minister. But this time, this may not happen. The party, which following the elections takes the second place, can form the government if the agreement with other parties.

The results of the elections in great Britain: victory and defeat conservatives «a hung Parliament» 09.06.2017

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