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The results of the first «Big lottery» will be released August 8

The first «Big lottery» project «the newcomer» («Policy Le-Mistaken») is completed. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon announced during a video message on his page in social network Facebook that the draw will be sent to winner not August 14 as previously announced, on Tuesday 8 August.

Almost 15 thousand lucky people will be added to the 12 thousands of beneficiaries, who won the right to purchase new apartments at a discount during earlier lotteries. And the first tens and hundreds of winners already in the autumn will begin to receive the keys to their own apartments. Those of the participants, who this time won’t be so fortunate, will be able to enroll in the new «Big lottery».

The Minister of Finance announced that the next round of the «Big lottery» will be held a month later, on September 15. On 15 September, will open a new «Big lottery» on 15 thousand apartments, and thousands of young families will be able to realize his dream and purchase at preferential prices of apartments in Beersheba, Rishon LeZion, Netanya, Shoham, Ramat Gan, Ashkelon, or Yehuda and Beit Dagan, stated Moshe Kahlon. — In addition, for the first time in the history of the project will participate, and the Arab sector will be drawn apartments in Nazareth, Sakhnin and Kfar Manda. Until the end of the year the total number of winners in the project «Policy Le-Mistaken» will amount to 45 thousand people.”

We will remind, in the first draw of the «Big lottery» was attended by the beneficiaries of the first order – «Cider Aleph.» To participate in the draw of apartments in Beit Shemesh and nazrat-ILIT was also made by the representatives of «the Cider Beth». As soon as the family of the first 60 thousand signed up to the project, «Cider Aleph» will win a private housing, new and new projects will be open to representatives of «the Cider Beth». Until the end of the year, according to the plans of the Ministry of Finance, all the beneficiaries «Cider Aleph» have to win the right to preferential purchase of the apartment.

Speaking to subscribers, the Finance Minister said recent events: the verdict of the Supreme court of justice, abolishing the already adopted law on the taxation of three or more apartments or returned it for revision. «Last night just gave me more strength, because we still have so much to do for Israeli families, he said. — Attacks only make me stronger, they prove that we needed the government to take care of the citizens of the country».

«For two years, interested parties are fighting for something that you did not own property, asked Kahlon to the audience. Group these people operate through lobbyists, through the media, with unscrupulous developers, just to name a few. They have one goal — making you unable to buy their own homes, and they continued to enjoy the income from the inflated prices.»

Moshe Kahlon stressed that the positive results of the complex of its measures are already visible: housing prices stopped throughout the country are tower cranes, and young families have realized that they now have the opportunity to buy an apartment at a fair price.

«I just want to tell you that those who tomorrow will not receive the news of the win — don’t despair — concluded Kahlon. — Just a few weeks will open a new drawing, and tens of thousands more families will benefit apartments. We promote the program «the newcomer» by all means, build more houses to saturate the market and allow you to buy affordable housing.»

The results of the first «Big lottery» will be released August 8 07.08.2017

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