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The RF IC stated that the murder Nemtsov Ruslan ordered muhudinov

Russia’s investigative Committee said Tuesday, December 29, that the customer and the organizer of murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who is a native of Chechnya Ruslan muhudinov previously declared in the international search.

According to the information on the website of the RF IC, on the 29th of December will be formally charged five alleged perpetrators of the murder Nemtsov — Zaura Dadaeva, Anzor and Sadida Gubarevym, the Boy Eskirkhanova and Khamzat Bachevo. All five accused «of committing a murder for hire as part of an organized group and illegal purchase, possession, transportation and storage of firearms».

The family’s lawyer Vadim Prokhorov Nimzovich said «Rain» that does not believe that the customer of murder has been muhudinov.

Boris Nemtsov was killed in Moscow on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge late on Friday evening, February 27. On suspicion in Commission of this crime, law enforcement authorities arrested Zaur Dadaeva, Anzor Gubashev, Khamzat bakhaeva, Tamerlan eskirkhanova and Sadida Gubacheva. Sixth suspect Beslan Savanov, also served in the battalion «North», during the arrest blew themselves up. Dadaev first confessed to the murder, but then recanted, saying the confession was torn from him by torture.

In the testimony Dadaeva said that someone «Rusik» gave him and other alleged members of the conspiracy ZAZ Chance car, gun and ammunition, promising 25 million rubles for the elimination of Boris Nemtsov, who supported the publication of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. Then the other defendant, Tamerlan Eskerkhanov, said that this «Boy» can be the man who drove the Mercedes ML. Since the machine according to the TFR, could belong to the commander of the battalion of internal troops «the North» Ruslan Eremeev, the investigation suggested that he is the «Boy». According to some, Eremeev went to the United Arab Emirates.

Ruslan Muhudinov whose whereabouts are also unknown, the investigation is interested in the end of may, when the investigators suggested that «the Boy» may be it was he, not Eremeev.

Questioning relatives Muhudinov gave nothing. But it was found that he enjoyed Mercedes ML in Moscow, and therefore could meet with the accused in the murder.

Correspondence Muhudinov the prosecution in the murder Nemtsov was charged in November. Then Muhudinov declared in the international search.

The RF IC stated that the murder Nemtsov Ruslan ordered muhudinov 29.12.2015

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