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The road leading to the Temple: archaeologists have confirmed Josephus’s description

Management of national parks and the Department of antiquities carried out excavations of one of the main streets of ancient Jerusalem. In the Second temple period, this street led from the lower city to the Temple mount. The message of offices dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the Old city.

Excavations are carried out under the supervision of archaeologists of the antiquities authority of Nahshon Santana and Moran, Hajbi. Funding the work of the organization ELAD, which manages the national Park «city of David». At this stage the excavated section of the street length of 100 meters and a width of about 7.5 meters.

Archaeologists have found evidence of the fierce fighting that went on here in the year 70 ad, during the siege of Jerusalem by the troops of Titus, son of Roman Emperor Vespasian. The siege ended with the destruction of the Second temple. Romans got a lot of trophies.

In particular, it was discovered the stones which Roman ballista fired at the city, and arrowheads, which were used to defend the Jerusalem Jews. Findings confirm the description left by the author of «the Jewish war» by Josephus.

Street paved with large stone, as was the custom in the cities of the Roman Empire. Archeologists date the work period after the death of king Herod the Great to the fall of Jerusalem, presumably for years, when Procurator of Judea was Pontius Pilate. This shows that Herod was not the only one who was engaged in large-scale construction projects.

«In the next five years we intend to complete excavations of the street in its entirety, continuing the work started by European and American archaeologists even 100 years ago. We are surveying for four years, after the completion of the works the road will be open to the public», – says the chief of the Jerusalem district archaeologist Yuval Baruch.

With the help of modern methods of archaeological research, the scientists plan to determine what to trade in the shops located on both sides of the street, what ate the people of the besieged Jerusalem. However – and to answer the other questions will take years of methodical work.

The road leading to the Temple: archaeologists have confirmed Josephus’s description 25.05.2017

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