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The Russian defense Ministry denied publication on the new base in Syria

Wednesday, December 9, the official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov refuted claims from the media about the deployment in Syria of a new Russian airbase, RIA Novosti reported.

«First sounded the information in a little-known Kuwaiti newspaper, picked up by Reuters about the alleged deployment in the area of the settlement Shirat new Russian airbase. No need to be a deep military expert to understand that the base Hamim, where is the Russian air group, to either edge of Syria, only requires 30-40 minutes of flying any Russian aircraft,» the Agency quoted the Russian statement Konashenkov.

The publication presents the words of the General about what the foreign media «are attempting to distract the public from problems various rumors».

Recall that December 1, the British newspaper The Times wrote about Russia’s intention to expand its military presence in Syria. According to sources, work began on the equipment of a second Russian airbase, which is located in the province of HOMS. According to the publication, the Russians use the base Shirt, which will be deployed air group of 50 aircraft, intelligence units, special forces, parts logistics. The total number of Russian troops here will be about 1,000 people. It was argued that the first Russian soldiers appeared here about a month ago. While a few dozen soldiers engaged in the equipment database, here deployed a detachment of 10 aircraft and 15 helicopters.

November 11, analyst for Jane’s Defense Weekly, Tim Ripley reported using base Shirt Russian aviation, especially attack helicopters. The report said about two bases: ham and Ties, which are used in extreme cases.

Command of the Russian army had announced earlier that it intends to transfer to Syria of up to 12 fighter-interceptors, the purpose of which is the air cover of the Russian bombers. But Arab media claimed that the group of the Russian air force will reach 100 aircraft.

Note that in the province of HOMS highway, Damascus-Latakia, connecting the capital of Syria with the coastal strip and the area densely populated by alawites, the sect to which President Bashar al-Assad and many members of the Syrian leadership.

The Russian defense Ministry denied publication on the new base in Syria 09.12.2015

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