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The scandal surrounding the adoption of children: a Deputy from the Likud refused to vote with the coalition

The Deputy of the Knesset from the «Likud» Amir Ohana informed the head of the parliamentary coalition David Bitana that will not be subject to coalition discipline until, until you change the position of the state on the issue of adoption of children by same-sex partners. About this informed the radio station «Kan bet».

In his blog on Facebook Amir Ohana, the first openly gay right-wing party, left a lengthy entry devoted to his decision. He wrote that he still had compromises in the framework of coalition discipline supported the bills, which do not always agree. This was done in order to be able to solve the problems of the LGBT community that can be solved at the moment. For example, he managed to get the defence Ministers (previous and current) promises that the IDF will treat same-sex partners of soldiers as well as spouses who are married. He managed to achieve allocation of additional budget to help homosexual youth. The Deputy wrote that young people who have realized their homosexuality, should know that they have a future, they will be able to start a family, they have the right to happiness. According to the parliamentarian, the answer is transferred by the state in the high court, was for him the crossing of a red line beyond which compromise is impossible.

Your post Amir Ohana illustrated by a family photo where he is depicted together with her husband, Alon Hadad and two young children.

On Tuesday, July 18, the Minister of social security Haim Katz appealed to the high court with a request to provide time for the preparation of professional opinion on the question of the adoption of children by same-sex couples. The Minister Chaim Katz noted that his request was motivated by the desire to give professional authorities the opportunity to «re-examine the situation and reach a conclusion based on a set of arguments and assessments.»

On 16 July, the state notified the high court about its position on the question of the adoption of children. The document said that the Ministry of justice and social security no longer object to the adoption of children by couples living in a civil marriage (having the status of «aduim EB-tzibur»), provided that they have a joint household for at least three years.

However, the state informed the high court that it opposed the adoption of orphans by same-sex couples that the document was called «unconventional.» The state relied on the opinion of experts who believe that children adopted by these couples may face additional challenges and negative attitudes.

This answer was given in response to a petition filed in the high court of the Reformist center and a non-profit organization «Proud fathers».

The response of the state caused a negative reaction from human rights organizations and many media that, inter alia, required the Ministry of justice and Ministry of social welfare to present the results of studies that have confirmed that children adopted by same-sex couples have «more difficulties».

In response to numerous requests from journalists from the office of the Minister of welfare Haim Katz July 17, told reporters that the language referred to the high court, was «unfortunate.»

On 18 July, against the background of the scandal and under pressure from the media and various public organizations, the Minister of social security declared that the attitude of the Ministry towards this question will be revised.

The scandal surrounding the adoption of children: a Deputy from the Likud refused to vote with the coalition 18.07.2017

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