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«The scarlet flower» as a Manifesto of Eurasianism. Review of the Russian media

Announced in the Federal wanted list the citizen of Israel 18-year-old Thomas Leviev, who on 16 October on the Crimean bridge in Moscow city centre, driving a Ferrari crashed into two cars, with two people suffered serious injuries, said on Tuesday the newspaper «Izvestia». Nicknamed by the media the brilliant boy student of MGIMO who father on his birthday gave a sports car, October 27, flew from Moscow Sheremetyevo to tel Aviv Yafo. However, on the international wanted list levieva to declare I can not, because for this he should be arrested in absentia. The Moscow court has chosen for him only on his own recognizance.

This Tuesday on the front pages of Russian media published a statement of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, stating that the customer and the organizer of the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov named a former fighter regiment of internal troops «the North» Ruslan muhudinov. The «Kommersant» newspaper cites in this connection the statement of the lawyer Vadim Prokhorov representing interests of a family Nimzovich, who strongly disagree with this conclusion of the investigation. «Muhudinov is one of the organizers, and at the very lowest level. He was the driver Ruslan Eremeev, he has no personal motives, no money for the killing. To call the driver the customer is the same that to call them a scapegoat» – the edition quotes the words of a lawyer.

The conflict between Russia and Turkey in the next year inevitable. Such conclusion contains in the report of American analytical company Stratfor, which said on Tuesday that same edition. According to experts, Turkey will try to strengthen its influence in the region. So, Ankara will likely conduct military action in Northern Syria and will increase the presence in Northern Iraq. Moreover, Turkey’s actions will be directed not only against terrorists «Islamic state», but also against Syrian Kurds. All these factors exacerbate the risk of conflict between Turkey and Russia and Iran.

Article published on Tuesday «the Russian newspaper», name: «Saudi Arabia has budgeted oil price of $29 per barrel.» This article States that the Kingdom’s budget for next year planned with a deficit of 87 billion dollars. Meanwhile, total Treasury revenues will be about 137 billion dollars, which is around 25 billion less than in 2014. In the message of the Ministry of Finance stated that the budget is based on «very low oil prices», Bloomberg, referenced by a Russian publication, said that it is about 29 dollars per barrel.

«Ankara reconciled with Moscow in words and stabs in the back in Crimea» is an article published today «the Independent newspaper». Experts doubt that Ankara is really aimed at restoring relations with Moscow, stated in this material. «I think that the crisis between the countries is aggravated, said in an interview with «Nezavisimaya GAZETA,» Deputy Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Anna Glazova. – There are several reasons: Turkey continues to support radical Islamists in Syria and to purchase the oil. The Turkish leadership is still committed to the overthrow of the legitimate government in Syria. Now there is another aspect that is very alarming: support Ankara various subversive groups operating in the Crimea».

Writer and publicist Alexander Prokhanov reveals on the pages of the newspaper «Izvestia» secret meaning inherent in the tale by Sergey Aksakov «the Scarlet flower». According to the patriot Prokhanov, fabulous flower is nothing like the Manifesto of Eurasianism and the testimony of special purpose Russia.

«What is Aksakov’s fairy tale «the Scarlet flower»? For each of us it is a remembrance of childhood. For many people it is nothing more comforting than a beautiful fairy tale, delight, joy and fun. Grozny, but in our world, this tale is a magical Manifesto of Eurasianism. «The scarlet flower» is a symbol of goodness, beauty, love, the fragile divine chastity, which keeps itself in huge volumes rattling imperfect world» – it is told in this article.

«The scarlet flower» as a Manifesto of Eurasianism. Review of the Russian media 29.12.2015

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