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The secret to getting rid of a double chin and flabby neck revealed

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At all times the imagination of the people allocated the neck of the beautiful epithets of a Swan, like a Gazelle. Here only the most beautiful of them sometimes turn into chicken, Turkey and elephant. And speech not necessarily goes about the age or extra weight – like defect occurs in the young and slim people – both women and men. The reason for this may be genetic predisposition, hormonal balance and metabolism, stress, bad posture and other adverse factors.

The Internet tells me many ways of getting rid of this trouble in the home – gymnastics, masks, bandages, massages. These techniques can really bring some benefit, but only in the initial stages of deformation. Having tried each of them and making sure their lack of effectiveness, many people begin to seek a solution to the problem within the framework of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

However, the neck is the most problematic area of the body, because it is very hard to correction and is in close proximity to the face, this means that, deciding on a correction of the neck, it is preferable to use a method that will minimize the likelihood of scarring, scars and other traces of surgical intervention, which are impossible to hide.

In 2008, Israeli experts have invented a device BodyTite, which with the help of special nozzles can correct almost any part of the body. For the correction of the neck is used a nozzle called NeckTite. One of the most amazing properties of this development is that to eliminate a double chin, folds of excess fat on the neck and sagging of the sagging skin requires only a single procedure lasting less than an hour and resulting in significant improvements.

During the procedure, first of all, remove fat deposits, the so – called liposuction, and in their absence, the doctor immediately goes to the skin treatment that instantly lifts up and laid flat, the cheekbones and the chin, restoring the contours and oval of the face.

If the skin had wrinkles – they are smoothed, sagging and sagging is completely eliminated due to the activation of potent restorative processes. The effect is enhanced for a few weeks after the procedure, stabilizing and anchored. The skin becomes much more youthful and elastic than it was before the procedure. Today, years after the start of application of NeckTite procedure, we can confidently say that the results achieved are retained for five years or more.

The effect from one procedure NeckTite:

— instant result;
— severe tightening of the skin;
— the elimination of fatty deposits;
— smoothing of wrinkles;
— increase firmness and elasticity of the skin;
— return definition of contours and oval of the face;
— strengthening effect within a few weeks after the procedure

After a few days patients can return to their usual life. The undeniable advantage of the method is considered a very short recovery period, along with high efficiency and an adequate amount of procedure. For people who can’t afford a long absence, but I really want to get rid of the described defects of the neck is the perfect option.

Procedure Face&Neck Tite in Israel is carried out in the clinic of Dr. Anne Gurevich – Advisor international class Israeli company Invasix, BodyTite created the technique.

For more information and set up an appointment with Dr. Anne Gurevich call 050-336-1999 or use our contact form.

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The secret to getting rid of a double chin and flabby neck revealed

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