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The sentence «black transplantologists» Michael ZIS and his accomplice

The district court in Beersheba sentenced a native of the former USSR Michael ZIS, who led the group «black transplantologists», to four years in prison. Shlomi Biton, one of his accomplices, sentenced to five years imprisonment.

According to the materials of the investigation, ZIS and Beeton 2012 and 2014 conducted 20 operations to remove the kidneys of people needing money.

From the materials of the indictment, it follows that Michael ZIS, in the past detained for illegal transplantation of organs and deprived of the right to practise professional Association of physicians, 2013 «worked together» with his longtime friend Shlomi Betonom. Beaton was looking for potential kidney donors among young people who are experiencing serious financial difficulties. VMS was engaged in preparation of documents, search of the recipient, and agreed with hospitals in Turkey about the operation.

According to the investigation, «black transplant» to persuade the Israelis to become donors through deception, and in some cases with threats. They forged documents, did not pay this «fee» for donated organ, but also endangers the life of the donor, forbidding him after returning from Turkey, where the operation took place, seek medical attention from Israeli doctors. In one case, the donor instead of the promised 120 thousand shekels were paid only 60 thousand.

Israeli law enforcement agencies interested in the activities of Professor Michael ZIS in 2007. Prior to that, in the case of illegal transplantation was arrested and convicted two residents of Haifa who mediated between donors and «black transplant»: they were looking for donors for kidney transplantation among his friends. It is known that the mediators tried to persuade four people to travel with them to Ukraine with the purpose of the donation. The victims of this operation promised to pay 7 thousand shekels for a kidney. In Ukraine «Israeli tourists» were waiting for the doctor ZIS. According to the investigation, the fee of the mediators was 125-136 thousand dollars.

Israeli Michael ZIS, a native of Ukraine, immigrated to Israel in 1989 (at that time he lived in the Moldavian SSR), 12 October 2007, he was arrested in Donetsk. The arrest was part of an investigation into illegal organ transplantation. The day before his arrest, the radio station «Deutsche Welle» reported citing the official representative of the Israeli gorprokuratury that most transplants of donor organs «black transplant» was performed at the Donetsk Centre for kidney transplantation. The leadership of the Donetsk center of transplantation of kidneys confirmed the presence of Dr. M. Zisa on some of the activities of the citizens of Israel, which were carried out in the centre, however, denied conducting any operations.

Immediately after the detention began consideration of the request of the authorities of Israel and Moldova on the extradition of VMS. 20 Jul 2009 the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office has significantly mitigated the charges against Zisa. He removed the main, the most serious charges of illegal organ transplantation and trafficking. On August 21 of this year in Donetsk the court acquitted the VMS «for lack of corpus delicti». However, the surgeon remained in custody, as was considered a requirement of the Israeli authorities for his extradition. On 19 October, the Ukrainian government adopted the decision on the extradition of Michael ZIS in Israel.

In 2014, against the doctor ZIS again, an investigation was initiated, against which the Ministry of health is again deprived of his license for six months.

25 October 2016 Israeli police said that after the latent phase of the investigation, which lasted several months, the case about «black transplantologists» was arrested three people: two facilitators and a professional doctor.

The sentence «black transplantologists» Michael ZIS and his accomplice 13.02.2018

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