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The SHAS party has proposed to postpone the Day of victory. NDI opposed

The Ministerial Committee on legislation endorsed the proposal of the party SHAS on holding celebrations to mark victory Day over Nazi Germany on may 9, and according to the Jewish calendar – the 26th of Iyar. Against the motion were made by the parliamentary faction of NIDS.

According to the parliamentarians from NDI, the very nomination of such initiatives demonstrates a catastrophic lack of understanding of the meaning and significance of this date. Deputies from NDI Express bewilderment over the fact that the government has supported «such a ridiculous and insulting to veterans bill».

According to the Chairman of the parliamentary faction Yisrael Beiteinu Robert Ilatov, the significance of this day for Jews is undeniable. He recalled that the Day of victory over Nazi Germany on 9 may, celebrated by millions of people around the world.

«It is celebrated veterans from various countries who fought in Europe shoulder-to-shoulder to save the world from Nazism. It is impossible and impermissible to isolate him from the world. It is a General day of glory, the military camaraderie and the memory of lost comrades. Move it to another date is to deny the primordial sense,» said Robert Ilatov.

According to the former Minister of aliyah and immigrant absorbtsii Sofa Landwehr, there can be two holidays, as there can be two symbols one great date. «It was set in the government the Law on veterans and blockade survivors back in 2000! I together with Yuri stern was a co-author of the law and well remember the first time, 9 may 2000, Israel celebrated its 55th anniversary of Victory over Nazi Germany. The law set 9 May as the day of the official celebration of Victory Day. In this day held a ceremony in «Yad Vashem», a special session in the Knesset, festive parades in all cities of the country,» said the Sofa Landwehr.

Note that in the past year in Israel was established the Headquarters of the Victory day, to lobby for the holding of celebrations on the occasion of the victory over Nazism on the Jewish calendar. Media reported that this idea belongs to the member of Bureau of Presidium of the Russian Jewish Congress, the head of the Fund of mountain Jews Herman Zaharieva. It was supported by the Director of international programs (RJC) benny Piscinam. According to Zaharyaeva religious person, the salvation of the Jewish people in World war II from complete destruction – the event of the same magnitude as the miraculous deliverance from the deadly threat, which the Jews celebrate on Purim, Hanukkah and Passover. And the Red army, the army of the allies and the Jews who fought in their ranks , were as the executors of God’s Providence as Esther and Mordechai, Moses and the Maccabees.

The SHAS party has proposed to postpone the Day of victory. NDI opposed 23.02.2016

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