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The Shiites cut the supply routes of ISIS in the Mosul area

Militants of the Shiite group «al-Hashd al-SHAABI» has taken control of a highway connecting Caravan and tel-Kasab. This road was to ensure that the supply of units of the «Islamic state», defending positions West of Mosul.

The command of the Pro-Iranian group claims that ISIS has suffered huge losses, including because the Shiites were deployed on the positions of the missile launchers. Dozens of families fleeing from the war zone and the held, «al-Hashd al-SHAABI» territory.

According to the Iraqi military, they control about 90% of the territory of Mosul. However, to avoid unnecessary casualties, the operation decided not to go ahead – it is expected to last about a month.

Recall that the capture of Mosul was declared the main goal of the military campaign of 2016. Deadline managed to liberate from ISIS, only the left-Bank part of the city. Right Bank, on which stands the Old city, intended to clean from IG APR.

The Shiites cut the supply routes of ISIS in the Mosul area 17.05.2017

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