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The Shin bet and the police to promote the law on the possibility of blocking «bad» sites

Monday, June 19, Knesset Committee for legislation discussed in preparation for second and third reading of the bill promoted by the General security service (Shin bet) and police, which would allow judges to issue orders blocking websites with criminal content.

According to the newspaper Haaretz Jonathan Lis, in the framework of this bill proposes to enable judges of the district courts to limit access to Internet sites that disseminate information that could be used for terrorist activities, pedophile materials, information on drugs, or to gambling. If the website is physically located on the Israeli server, according to the new law, the court can make the decision on its closing, if we are talking about the foreign server, the website might be blocked to view from Israel.

And we are talking, including the possibility of blocking access to «pages.» in social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

If this bill is approved by the Knesset, judges of district courts will have the right to restrict access to any Internet resources, if they consider that blocking a website will prevent the Commission of a crime.

The Shin bet, according to «Haaretz», seeks to expand the law so that through court it was possible to achieve the blocking of sites individuals suspected of terrorist activities, not just those whose work is already recognized by the court as a terrorist. Apparently, it tried to spread to the sites of persons suspected of involvement in any extremist activities.

In parallel, as noted in the publication, advances another law, which allows the court to remove from any social media post or comment that will be recognized by publications that violates Israeli laws.

Critics of these legislative initiatives have noted that such restrictions can be interpreted as a violation of the human right to free access to information. Often the situation can be controversial, and possible erroneous court decisions. In addition, interested persons can access the locked content of the website using simple and commonly used software.

Note that in the Russian Federation the authority to block «bad» sites endowed with Roskomnadzor, which is responsible for the Unified register of banned sites. In this registry can be found in the number of blocked sites, distributed child pornography, advertise sexual services and gambling, sites, pages which described the manufacture of narcotic drugs or explosive devices, as well as sites that talks about the activities of terrorist organizations, banned in Russia (for example, due to such «violations» by order of the Prosecutor General’s office in 2016, were blocked access to Israeli news website Ynet).

Recently on the territory of Ukraine, in the framework of sanctions against a hostile Russia, has been blocked access to the Russian Internet-service «Yandex», «Vkontakte», «Classmates», and others.

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The Shin bet and the police to promote the law on the possibility of blocking «bad» sites 20.06.2017

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