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The six-day war – the beginning of the era of terrorism. Review of Russian media

«Revenge of the losers» – that is article in a magazine Ogonek, in which the journalist Leonid Mlechin writes about the six day war, heralded an era of international terrorism. Exactly half a century ago, on 5 June 1967, little Israel was crushed by the neighboring Arab countries, much superior to him in manpower and materiel. Such a resounding defeat was not expecting nor vanquished, neither winners. This war changed the fate of the Middle East, and the consequences of war are felt to this day.

Millions of air travellers worldwide, who are forced to undress and be undressed in the area of special control, owe it to the Palestinians. It is the Palestinian fighters in the year following the 6-day war, in 1968, the first hijacked passenger plane. It turned out that two to three terrorists able to turn more than a hundred passengers of a hijacked airliner hostages for which release it is possible to demand anything… Modern terrorism, which affects the whole world, began with Palestinian militants.

In accordance with the resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations alongside Israel was supposed to be the state of the Palestinian Arabs. It is considered that the Israelis did not allow the Palestinians to create their country and seized their land. In reality, just came to Israel did not apply for a single extra square meter of land beyond what was designated by the UN.

In the Arab world was a political and diplomatic earthquake, comparable only with the boycott of Egypt after the conclusion of the camp David accords with Israel in 1979. In the insulation were one of the richest and most influential countries in the region – Qatar. Yesterday it broke off diplomatic relations with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Yemen, Libya’s interim government, as well as the Maldives, writes on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant».

The first four States announced the expulsion of all Qatari nationals and the termination of transport communication. The move occurred shortly after the publication on behalf of the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani’s statements about the necessity of rapprochement with the Shiite Iran – the main geopolitical enemy of the Sunni monarchies of the Persian Gulf. Qatar later denied the authenticity of this speech, but Saudi Arabia and its allies and was not convinced.

Accusations against Qatar’s recent allies, in their rhetoric is comparable to a Declaration of war. As stated by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Egypt, Doha «to provide asylum to the leaders of the movement «Muslim brotherhood», in respect of which a judgement about their involvement in terrorist attacks on Egyptian territory.» In addition, according to the foreign Ministry, Qatar spreading the ideology of «al-Qaeda» and «Islamic state».

Qatar paid the group associated with «al-Qaeda» about $ 1 billion ransom kidnapped in southern Iraq, 26 members of the Royal family. About it reports «Russian newspaper» with reference to the British Financial Times. The transaction took place in April. In addition to the members of the Royal family, the list of demands also included the release of 50 militants, captured by jihadists in Syria, where fighting group, received from Qatar money.

Former Secretary of state and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were aware of the fact that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are funding terrorists in Syria and Iraq. This is evidenced by the email policy, released by WikiLeaks, wrote on Tuesday the same publication.

One of the letters for Clinton, which is addressed to the head of her election headquarters of John Podesta, informs about the situation in Syria and Iraq and fight ISIS. The message mentioned the possibility of bringing the soldiers of the Kurdish forces «Peshmerga» and the «Syrian free army» to confront the terrorists.

«While this military and paramilitary operation moving forward, we need to use our traditional diplomatic and intelligence assets, in order to exert pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which provided clandestine financial support to DAIS and other radical Sunni groups in the region» – quoted by TASS letter dated 17 August 2014.

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has declared that Russia will not transfer a third of the annual contribution to the budget of the Council of Europe (COE). @Financing during the year goes in stages, and a third, remaining at the end of the year is not listed, and everything is almost €11 million» – quotes the words of the official Pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia.
Volodin has reminded that this measure warned the Russian politicians, including Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.
Russia is one of five main payers of the Council of Europe. Contribution to the CE at the moment is indivisible and represents the total contribution of the Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers, Congress of local and regional authorities and the European court of human rights; the amount is around €40 million

«Germany prepares to take over France under control» – is the title of an article in «Komsomolskaya Pravda», which States: while the President Makron threatens Russia with tougher sanctions, his own country could be reduced to second roles.

In the presidential race Emmanuel macron proposed to deal with Russia «only from a position of strength,» but, as President of France, immediately invited Vladimir Putin for talks in the Palace of Versailles. 39-year-old politician was trying to act tough, raised the issue of human rights vchechne, demanded from Moscow to solve the Ukrainian crisis. However, before this meeting Makron flew to Germany to compare notes with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and immediately after the rendezvous in Versailles again called to Berlin, as if reporting on the results. All this makes one wonder how independent the young leader of the Fifth Republic, the author writes this article.

The six-day war – the beginning of the era of terrorism. Review of Russian media 06.06.2017

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