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The Somaliland authorities adopted the first law against sexual violence

The Republic of Somaliland, a self-declared state in the Northern part of the horn of Africa, which is recognized internationally as part of Somalia, accepted its first law criminalizing rape. The maximum penalty for a violation of this article will be 30 years of imprisonment.

About it writes on Monday, January 8, the news service of the BBC.

Informed residents of this country who have been sexually abused, forced to marry a rapist and thus to avoid public condemnation.

The speaker of the Parliament of this country Bash Mohamed Farah said in an interview: in recent years there has been a surge of such crimes, and he hoped that the new law will change this negative trend
Western experts explain that this law should be considered in the context of the desire of the authorities of Somaliland to obtain international recognition as a viable democracy with the existing social institutions.

We will remind that earlier the territory of Somaliland, where about one third of all population of Somalia, called British Somalia. In 1960 Somalia gained independence, combining the two former colonies of Italian and British. Thus, the separate state of Somaliland de facto did not appear, although formally the Republic of Somaliland existed from 26 June to 1 July 1960, a referendum among the inhabitants of the colony status were not conducted.

In 1991, Somalia has essentially ceased to exist as a state. In the former Italian Somalia were formed many «fiefdoms» headed by warlords in constant conflict with each other, and in Somaliland the situation was relatively peaceful, and the standard of living is much higher.

The Somaliland authorities adopted the first law against sexual violence 08.01.2018

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