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The son of immigrants from Russia became a pilot in the IDF

21-year-old soldier AVI is the only representative of the Russian community of Israel, which a week ago became a graduate of the summer courses of the IDF. The training lasted three years, at the airbase «Hatzerim» near beer Sheva.

As AVI said, wanting to get to the course are carefully selected. With him received training more than 200 people and graduated only 37. On the question of how he managed to become one of the elect, AVI said, «we Need to work hard and be able to progress from flight to flight.»

According to our interlocutor, the most interesting was the last six months of training. «We learned not only to fly but also fight on the plane. We had a simulated air combat involving two or more aircraft,» – he said.

Now AVI is expecting a year of professional training. In total he will serve under contract for seven years. The soldier said that the decision to become a pilot, he took before the draft. «I decided to do something significant,» he says.

AVI was born in Israel in a family of immigrants from the Russian city of Kursk, who arrived in our country in 90 years. His father is engineer, mother has a degree in Russian literature, however, does not work in the specialty. The AVI has an older sister, she is a social worker.

In a military family was initially not very happy with his choice. The family did not understand why so long to serve, if you like, you have to go through military service for three years. «When they saw that I really want to be a pilot, and I get the steel to support and help. They are now very proud that I finished the course,» says AVI.

Interviewed By Elena Zissou

The son of immigrants from Russia became a pilot in the IDF 10.07.2017

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