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The son of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert accused the son of Benjamin Netanyahu homophobia and racism

Ariel Olmert, son of former Prime Minister, in his Facebook said the post son of the current Prime Minister Yair Netanyahu, in which he suggested that the activists «of the Institute Molad» to collect dirt on the sons of Sharon, Olmert and Peres.

The impetus for the scandal was the publication in Facebook on the page «Project 61» investigations Yair Netanyahu. «Five facts about Yair Netanyahu, son of all» – was the name of post on the page, which lead the activists of the Institute «Molad».

Yair wrote in response that he was not going to comment on the lies and slander in your address. But accused members of the project’s instigation, brainwashing Israelis, and hinted that can be initiated to verify the sources of financing of the project.

And then he wrote the following: «And where is your investigation concerning the «son of all» — the son of Prime Minister Sharon, who is now in prison? And what about the investigation against the «son of all» — the son of Prime Minister Olmert, his interesting relationship with the Palestinian Arabs and how it affects Israel’s security? Or «son of all» — the son of Perez, who a random shot killed the soldier, but the subject was hushed up?».

Son of Ehud Olmert, Ariel, on the attack in his address said in his Facebook. He wrote that not personally familiar with Yair Netanyahu… «I don’t. I – Ariel Olmert, the secret son of Ehud Olmert. A homosexual son, well, you know… the one who lives with the Palestinians and fled to France. Cool, huh? I’m impressed that you care. A novel of Romeo and Juliet between Beit Safafa and Paris», — with these words began his post Ariel.

He further writes that all this is untrue, as he prefers women, is married and has the marriage of the daughter.

Next, Ariel Olmert says that his hurt is not even slander in his address, but homophobia and racism Yair Netanyahu, which manifested themselves in addition to his own will.

Then Ariel Olmert, speaking directly to the opponent: «Listen, dear: unlike you, I never spent the night in the official residence of the Prime Minister, I didn’t have a driver and security guards, I wasn’t trying to make friends with presidents of other countries or billionaires. I’ll earn my life. I’m trying to clean up after their dog, although maybe not always. In short, I live my own life. Your attempts to drag me into your twisted reality are doomed to failure. I tend to only act within the law and will not hesitate suing those who spread slander or racist and homophobic fiction».

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The son of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert accused the son of Benjamin Netanyahu homophobia and racism 02.08.2017

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