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The son of Sarah Palin charged in attack on girl

26-year-old Truck to Paulino, the son of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, charged with resisting police, unlawful use of a weapon and assaulting a girl, according to the publication «Alaska news».

The son of the former candidate in Vice-presidents of the United States was arrested shortly before Sarah Palin made her sensational statement that supports the candidacy of Donald trump for President of the country.

As stated in the police report, on Monday evening in the family home of Paulinow in Wasilla (Alaska, USA), the police were called. According to patrol, Track Palin refused to answer the police questions and showed aggressive. As follows from the testimony of the girls of Paulina, whose name is not disclosed, the Truck was drunk gave her a scene in the yard of his parents ‘ house, punched her in the face, and then, when she fell to the ground, struck her another blow.

The victim grabbed his phone and ran into the house, where she was caught armed with a gun Truck and brandishing a firearm, threatened her to commit suicide. In the end, the girl slipped from the drunk Paulina under the bed, where she found the appeared in time police.

In the report police stated that on the face of the victim had traces of blows.

Tuesday Track Palin was released on bail, amounting to fifteen hundred dollars.

The son of Sarah Palin charged in attack on girl 20.01.2016

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