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The spiritual leader of Iran: «We will respond harshly to wrong actions of the United States»

The Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the spiritual leader of Iranian clerics, threatened that the Islamic Republic «will respond firmly» if the US will take «inappropriate actions» in respect to nuclear agreements signed with Western countries in July 2015.

This statement was made a day after the speech of Donald trump, who said that Iran «violates the spirit» of that agreement, writes on September 17 edition of the Tehran Times.

«The Iranian people are strong and determined, and any wrong move on the part of the despotic regime regarding the nuclear Treaty will face the reaction of the Islamic Republic,» asserted Ayatollah on state Iranian TV channel.

Recall that last Thursday WA has extended some sanctions against Iran, stressing that the decision to abandon signed the 2015 agreement is under discussion and will be announced by mid-October.

«Today, despite all the commitments and discussions, America’s attitude to these talks is totally unfair and is more like mockery. Americans should know that the Iranian nation will strongly defend their postie on important issues related to national interests, the Islamic Republic will not retreat» Khamenei explained in his speech to the graduates of the Iranian military Academy.

Recall that last month Iran stated that it may withdraw from nuclear agreement «within hours» if the United States will impose new sanctions in response to Iranian test of ballistic missiles.

USA, for their part, argue that these tests contradict U.S. resolution and the terms of the nuclear deal and urged Tehran to abandon the development of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. .
Iran, in turn, claims that its missiles are not designed for use in nuclear weapons.

Earlier this month, trump announced that he intends to resort to a new strategy on Iran that provides for tougher measures against the aggressive policy of the Islamic Republic and its allies, Iraq and Syria.

The plan was prepared and presented at the meeting of the National security Council the Pentagon chief James Mattis, Secretary Rex Tillerson, national security Advisor, Herbert-Raymond McMaster and several other senior White house staff.

Sources in the administration claim that the decision on the implementation of this plan will be made before the end of this month. Official White house comment on this issue has not yet been received, the article says.

«I would call it ambitious strategy that limits Iran’s support and financing of terrorism and the destabilization of the region in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, as well as cyber-espionage and nuclear development», – leads edition of the words of a senior administration official trump.

The spiritual leader of Iran: «We will respond harshly to wrong actions of the United States» 17.09.2017

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