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The standards Institute of Israel check the safety of the spinners

Monday, may 29, the standards Institute of Israel announced the intention to conduct an examination of the popular toys spinner, checking it for compliance with the Israeli standards of security.

This statement followed after toy interested experts in the United States. The safety Commission consumer products USA (CPSC) has recommended that American parents do not give the toy to young children.

In the message of the Israeli standardization Institute, quoted by the website «Srugim» reads: if you determine that the toy is for any parameters do not match the standard selling in Israel will be banned.

Note that in the USA the reason for the test were two accidents. According to media reports, two children accidentally swallowed small parts of the spinner.

The spinners began to gain popularity in 2016 and April 2017 toy has become so popular in the US that educational institutions in 11 States have banned its use not only in classes, but throughout educational institutions. The popularity of spinners due to the low cost around 20 shekels.

Manufacturers claim that spinners are an effective tool for relieving anxiety and stress, as well as to improve fine motor skills.

A resident of Florida Katherine Hettinger claims that she came up with this toy during a visit to Israel in the late 80-ies. Seeing how Palestinian children throw stones at Israeli soldiers, she wanted to invent a toy that would distract teenagers from this activity.

According to Katherine, she tried to sell his idea to the toy manufacturers, but they do not believe in the success of the «spinner». In 2005, the actions issued to her a patent has expired, and she was not available 400 dollars to renew it. Thus, manufacturers were able to produce spinners, not making any royalties to the author. Today Katherine watches as her invention is gaining popularity all over the world, without bringing her any.

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The standards Institute of Israel check the safety of the spinners 29.05.2017

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