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The star of the Egyptian cinema Karim Qassem was the son of a Jewish woman

30-year-old Karim Qassem, one of the brightest stars of the Egyptian cinema, has surprised his fans, saying during a TV talk show that his late mother was Jewish.

He, however, was cautious and did not fail to note that his Jewish ancestors were tuned anti-Israel, writes on Thursday, November 24, the website of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.
The article notes that the audience reacted positively to this «coming out» that, according to the authors, indicates the change in Egyptian society.

Recall that until 1947 the Jewish community of Egypt numbered more than 65.000 people, today, in this Arab country is home to at least hundreds of Jews, and information about this people, the Egyptians get from the media that criticize Israel and support the Palestinians.

According to the website of The New Arab, in the interview, Qassem said: «I was lucky to be born in a mixed family, where celebrated Christmas, Ramadan and the Jewish new year, and I’m ready for the diversity of the world.»

At that time, as most Egyptian Jews moved to Israel, the Jewish grandfather Qasem, Shihata Harun, refused to be repatriated, he condemned Zionism, considering it a racist ideology. Note that the grandmother of the actor on the paternal side was French and Christian.

Qassem also said that the child is ashamed of his Jewish roots and was hiding them, but by revealing this secret to others and receiving support from them, I felt much better.

The persecution of the Jews in Egypt began in 1948 after the State of Israel has worsened during the Sinai campaign of 1956. Hundreds of Jews were arrested, about 3.000 are placed in camps, thousands have received notification of immediate deportation.

Note that the Jews played an important role in the development of Egyptian cinema, the origins of which were the producer of That Mizrahi and actress and singer Leila Murad, who then converted to Islam.

The star of the Egyptian cinema Karim Qassem was the son of a Jewish woman 24.11.2016

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