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The statue of Liberty was the argument in the debate about immigration reform trump

Leading CNN’s Jim Acosta engaged in a heated debate with Steven Miller, the US presidential Advisor for national security, and criticized the new immigration policy of the trump, under which legal immigration will be reduced by half but preference will be given to well educated people who speak English.

«Give me your tired, your poor, huddled masses with the dream of a free breathing people» – quoted Acosta advertising slogan inscribed on the pedestal of the symbol of America the statue of Liberty, stressing: in this phrase there is no word fluency in English. About this debate wrote on Thursday, August 3, the news service of the BBC.

Miller in response recalled that the inscription was added much later, and called immigration reform, which criticizes Acosta, «compassionate». His counterpart this explanation is not satisfied, and he accused the administration of trump in an attempt to structure the flow of people traveling to the United States, by race and ethnicity.

Miller called the charges «outrageous»: Jim, this is one of the most outrageous, offensive, ignorant and stupid things you ever said. The definition of a «racist bill», given to you, wrong and offensive». He also recalled that «Pro-American immigration reform» enjoys the support of wide layers of the population.

Earlier on Thursday it became known that the White house intends to support the bill, Republican senators called in the next 10 years to reduce legal immigration by 50%.

The authors of the bill, Tom cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue from Georgia, and propose to reduce immigration by reducing the circle of relatives which have the right to bring in immigrants.
The bill also proposes to limit the annual number of refugees 50,000 people and abolish the diversity visa lottery programme draw of the so-called green card.

Under the bill, immigrants with higher education and useful occupations, will be to take advantage of that will make the immigration policy of the United States more like the canadian and Australian system.

The statue of Liberty was the argument in the debate about immigration reform trump

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