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The strike of the municipalities: the list of strikers structures

In the night of Wednesday, February 10, is scheduled to start indefinite strike in local authorities, which will be attended by 100 thousand employees 201 of the municipality and the local Council and 49 regional councils.

Late at night will cease to work service on garbage collection, and in the morning they will join workers all other structures. The only exception will be employees of the education system for children with special needs.

In particular, in kindergartens will not work nurses, in schools will not work administrative staff (Secretariat, a caretaker, cleaning, etc.).

Will not work of the Commission on planning and development, religious councils, departments for social assistance. Also will work of municipal inspectors and will be issued fines for Parking in the wrong place.

Municipal hospital «Ichilov» in tel Aviv and Bnei Zion in Haifa will operate in Sabbath mode.

According to the press service of the General Federation of trade unions («Histadrut»), currently is preparing for the extension of the strike and its dissemination to other agencies if a conflict with the local government Center will not be resolved at the first stage.

Recall that the reason for the strike is the refusal of local authorities to implement the arrangement on payment of 100 thousands of municipal workers bonus in the amount of 1,000 shekels.

The center of local government, in turn, requires that the state compensated 100 million shekels, which the municipalities have to spend on bonus payments.

The strike of the municipalities: the list of strikers structures 08.02.2016

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