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The students at Ariel University have invented a folding car-triangle

In Israeli universities concluded academic term, and in these days is protection projects and held the ceremony of diplomas.

Graduates of the faculty of mechanical engineering and mechatronics Ariel University Daniel Sisaf and Shauli Amir as his degree project, presented the car with a folding chassis. Their offspring they called «O-Kar», the press service of the Ariel University.

The chassis «O-Kara» is made from aluminum strips with a thickness of 2 mm in the folded state is an equilateral triangle of side 30 cm. The chassis easily fits in a backpack along with wheels, small engine and drive.

Unfolded volume of the chassis is increased in 50 times, and the rigidity of the structure allows to carry cargo weighing up to 15 kilograms. Thus, besides the engine and transmission, chassis can be installed a remote control system or device Autonomous navigation.

Folding car robot can be used, for example, in entrenching the case for neutralization explosive devices, and in the civil sphere – for the study of caves and other remote places.

Soon the developers plan to create a new option «O-Kara», with a payload up to 30 kg.

Supervised the project staff of the Department of mechatronics, Ariel University Professor Zvi Shiller, Moshe Kalman and Ilan Tamir.

The students at Ariel University have invented a folding car-triangle 06.07.2017

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