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The study showed how much you need to sleep to feel happy

The company Amerisleep polled 2,000 respondents to find out how many hours you should sleep to feel happy and contented life. Those who consider themselves happy, sleep 7 hours 6 minutes per night.

People who identified themselves as «generally happy» sleeping for 6 minutes or less. Sleeping less than seven hours per night admitted that there were «happy sometimes». Those whose sleep lasts less than 6 hours, 48 minutes consider yourself to be miserable and remain in constant anxiety.

The price of sleepless nights – not just fatigue, reminds the Daily Mail. It’s a risk to «earn» depression, obesity, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

According to a recent research conducted by scientists from Bridgeman, is of great importance not only sleep duration, but also the mode of the day: people who go to bed at the same time, healthier and more successful than their peers, leading to less ordered way of life.

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The study showed how much you need to sleep to feel happy 17.06.2017

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