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The Supreme court for the third time recognized Zadorov guilty

Wednesday, December 23, the Supreme court announced the final verdict on the case of murder 13-the summer schoolgirl Tair Rada.

The judges, a two to one vote, recognized the Novel Zadorov guilty of murder of the girl and upheld a life sentence issued twice by the district court of Nazareth.

Judge Yitzhak Amit and Zvi was recognized Silbertal Zadorov guilty. Judge Yoram Danziger who adhere to a different opinion were in the minority. That said, the first made it look, so many of the media first wrote about the justification Zadorov because of insufficient evidence.

The murder of Tahir, perfect December 6, 2006, shocked the country, primarily because of what happened in school. It was perhaps the first in the history of Israel, the murder committed at school.

Body Tair with stab wounds was found in a school toilet. After a week on suspicion of murder was arrested on 29-year-old maintenance worker Roman Zadorov. A week later, media reported that Zadorov confessed to killing the girls. According to the confession, Zadorov, Tahir was killed because she insulted him in response to the refusal to give a cigarette.

But the next day Zadorov refused recognition, claiming that he didn’t kill the Tair, and the confession was made under strong pressure. The progress of the investigation and the trial, which lasted about three years, was widely covered by Israeli media.

14 September 2010 the court sentenced Roman Zadorov found guilty of the murder of Tair Rada, to life imprisonment. The 450-page text of the judge’s sentence said that throughout the trial Zadorov was lying. From the decision that, in its recognition and in conversations with «decoy» Zadorov called seven details of the murder that could only know the killer.

The Supreme court has accepted for consideration the appeal filed by lawyers Zadorov, then returned the case for reconsideration in the district court of Nazareth the light of new expert evidence protection. However, judge Yitzhak Cohen 24 February 2014 again recognized Zadorov guilty of murder.

In October 2014 Zadorov lawyers filed another appeal with the Supreme court contesting the evidence on which the prosecution was based. The court accepted the appeal to consideration today announced the final verdict.

The re-appeal was related to the Shoe print found on the trousers of the murdered girls. According to experts, it is impossible to say that this Shoe fits Zadorov, but that’s a thumbprint of blood. Advocates also point to excessive compensation received by «decoy» after receiving recognition Zadorov to other problematic aspects on which the district court closed his eyes.

Case Zadorov was accompanied by scandal. On November 27 the Comptroller General of the Prosecutor’s office Gila Gertel came to the conclusion that the Prosecutor’s office tried to intervene in the proceedings, forcing the Director of the Institute of forensic medicine of the hen Kugel to change his testimony in the case of the appointment of a forensic scientist Maya Forman-Reznik that could affect the case Zadorov.

The pathologist Maya Forman-Reznik acted as a defense expert in the case of Roman Zadorov. Judges authoring a verdict on the murder of Tahir, criticized the examination Forman-Reznik, questioning her competence. Later the Director of the Institute of forensic medicine Hyun Kugel defended Forman-Reznik, agreeing with her conclusions. On the testimony of Kugel, the Supreme court returned the case Zadorov for reconsideration in the district court of Nazareth, and ordered the Institute for forensic medicine to take Forman-Reznik to work.

The Supreme court for the third time recognized Zadorov guilty 23.12.2015

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