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The Supreme court partly acquitted Olmert in Holyland case

Tuesday, 29 December, Supreme court partially granted the appeal filed by former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on the verdict in the Holyland case. The judges acquitted the former Prime Minister on charges of taking a bribe in the amount of 500 thousand shekels, however, unanimously found him guilty of receiving a bribe in the amount of 60 thousand shekels.

The sentencing of former Prime Minister commuted from six to fifteen years in prison. Olmert will begin to serve his sentence on 15 February 2016.

«A huge weight fell from my heart after I was acquitted on the main count in the indictment,» said Olmert after the reading of the verdict. «I was found guilty in the case, which is not connected with Holyland, and the court has confirmed what I say all the time: I never offered a bribe, never took a bribe,» added Olmert.

The court also dismissed URI Lupolianski, the successor to Olmert as mayor of Jerusalem from serving his prison sentence. Lupolianski was sentenced to six years in prison, but the Supreme court reduced the sentence to six months that will be replaced by public works. «Due to serious health condition of the convict it is not necessary to sentence him to the conclusion», – stated in the verdict.

The Supreme court softened the punishment and the construction contractor Hillel Cherni and sentenced him to 26 months in prison instead of three and a half years.

The appeal of Avigdor Kellner, one of the founders of the Holyland Park company, also partially satisfied: he was sentenced to two years of imprisonment instead of three.

The imprisonment of the head of the Board of Directors of Bank «Hapoalim» Dani Dankner reduced from three years to two.

The Supreme court rejected the appeals of former chief engineer of the municipality of URI Sheetrit, former Deputy of the city Council of Jerusalem Eliezer Simchayof and businessman Meir Rabin.

We will remind that on 31 March 2014 the district court in tel Aviv found Olmert guilty of receiving bribes in the Holyland case. According to the verdict of the district court, the former Prime Minister received bribes twice: once in the amount of 500 thousand, and the second time in the amount of 60 thousand shekels. In the verdict, the district court stated that «the former Prime Minister lied during the trial». Actions, which were discussed in the indictment, were committed in the period from 1994 to 2007. Until 2003, Ehud Olmert, held the position of mayor of Jerusalem. According to the testimony of state witness, bribe the mayor agreed to lobby the Holyland building project. It was alleged in the indictment, from the beginning of 90-s building contractor Hillel Cherny, who received land for the construction of a small hotel with 12 thousand square meters, with the help of bribes and bribery of officials has secured the approval of the changes made in the plan for the construction of a large housing complex, a total area of 320 thousand square meters. To a considerable extent these charges were based on the testimony Dahner, which the prosecution recognized a problematic witness. Dehner died on 1 March 2013 after a turbulent court session in which he was questioned by the defense.

Let’s add, that on 25 may 2015 Olmert was sentenced to eight months imprisonment in the case Talansky. The district court in Jerusalem sentenced him to 8 months ‘ suspended imprisonment and a fine in the amount of 100 thousand shekels. The appeal of protection on the sentence pending before the Supreme court.

The Supreme court partly acquitted Olmert in Holyland case 29.12.2015

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