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The Supreme leader of the Egyptian Islamists sentenced for the murder of supporters

The military court delivered its verdict in the case of the Supreme leader of the Egyptian branch of the movement «Muslim brotherhood» Muhammad Badie and several other leaders of the Egyptian Islamists. All of them were accused of murder and inciting violence.

All the charges relate to anti-government protests in Suez in August 2013. After the overthrow of President-Islamist Muhammad Mursi and the dispersal of mass demonstrations of the «Muslim brotherhood», held in Cairo, in the city riots broke out. When the suppression has killed 33 people, almost all of them Islamists.

According to the materials of the case, the responsibility for the riots lay on the Islamists. As a result the leaders of the «Muslim Brothers» were convicted of involvement in the murder of 33 people, inciting violence and vandalism, the attack on the military, burning military vehicles and churches.

Badie, along with members of the leadership of the movement Muhammad al-Baltagi and Safwat Hijazi were sentenced to 10 years in prison. 90 rioters, many of whom were tried in absentia, sentenced to life imprisonment, the 41 – to a term of imprisonment from three to seven years. 59 defendants in the case are justified.

It should be noted that Badi is the main defendant in a number of investigations. The two processes he was sentenced to death. It is also five times was sentenced to life imprisonment. Several processes against him are ongoing.

The Supreme leader of the Egyptian Islamists sentenced for the murder of supporters 23.12.2015

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