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The surge of anti-Semitism in Chile: the Jewish community talks about «imported conflict»

Amid a sharp increase in the number of xenophobic, racist and antisemitic incidents, the Jewish community of Chile is concerned that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict supposedly imported to this South American country and has a negative impact on the situation.

About it writes on Monday, June 19, the website of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

The leaders of the Jewish community on Friday filed a lawsuit in connection with anti-Semitic incident that occurred on 8 June at a football match between the team of the Estadio Israelita Maccabi club «Palestine» in the Amateur «super League».

According to Chilean media, the game was suspended and several players of the club «Palestine» removed from the field for aggressive and unsportsmanlike conduct and for the racist and anti-Semitic insults against players of Jewish origin.

According to the data set forth in the petition, the conflict was attended by about 200 supporters of the Palestinian team and their fans in social networks.

One of them jumped on the field, waving the Palestinian flag and attacked members of the Jewish teams, shouting: «But your flag I wipe my ass, and we’ll kill you, you fucking Jews».

Also during this incident, there were other anti-Semitic insults, including references to the Holocaust and Nazi slogans. Palestinian fans of the persecuted Jewish players in the locker room, dealing them blows with fists and feet. The damage was caused to cars belonging to the players hated team.

The club «Palestine» were quick to accuse the Jewish community that she allegedly took advantage of the situation for political ends and exaggerating the dimensions of this minor incident.

A few days after the match on the walls of the club «Palestine» was discovered the following inscription: «Arab terrorists», «Palestine doesn’t exist» and «the Jewish people lives» and the image of the Star of David.

Palestinian athletes have called them a manifestation of «cowardly aggression,» the Jewish community also condemned the act of revenge and called for solidarity with the Palestinian, according to local radio station AND.

«Imported conflict» continued in the pages of the leading Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, which published an article entitled «50 years of occupation and apartheid in Palestine.» The Jewish community responded with a statement that «peace requires two partners», and a list of suggestions of Israel, rejected the Palestinian side.

The surge of anti-Semitism in Chile: the Jewish community talks about «imported conflict» 19.06.2017

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