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The survey «maagar mohot»: right block and «Yesh Atid» amplified, «Kulan» and left weakened

On Thursday, 3 December, the radio station «Radio Le lo Afsana» published the results of the first electoral survey conducted after the elections to the Knesset, 20th convocation.

The survey was conducted by the Institute «maagar mohot» under the supervision of Professor Yitzhak Katz. According to the survey, if elections to the Knesset of 21st convocation were held today, Likud would have won 31 mandates, increasing its representation to one seat. «The Zionist camp» in turn lose four mandates and gaining only 20.

The most notable growth was recorded in the popularity of the party «Yesh Atid», which according to the survey gaining 15 seats (11 in the current Knesset).

United Arab list maintains its current mission and gaining 13 seats.

Party «Bayt Yehudi» is gaining 9 seats (8 seats in the Knesset 20 convocation). «Our house Israel» is enhanced by two seats and gaining 8. The same number is given to the SHAS party, gaining one seat.

Party MERETZ gaining the same 5 mandates that the Knesset and in the 20th convocation. Block «Jadot a-Torah» also maintains its position, gaining 6 seats.

According to the survey, the party of «Kulan» loses half of its representation in the Parliament, gaining only 5 seats.

The results of the survey indicate that the coalition in its current form is losing two seats and gets 59 seats in Parliament. At the same time, all right-wing parties grow.

The survey «maagar mohot»: right block and «Yesh Atid» amplified, «Kulan» and left weakened 03.12.2015

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