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The survey «Panels Participation»: 38% of Israelis believe in the innocence Zadorov

According to a public opinion poll conducted by «Panels Participation», commissioned by the newspaper «Maariv», 38% of Israelis believe that the Supreme court’s decision to admit Novel Zadorov guilty of the murder of Tair Rada was a mistake.

41% believe that the media has had a significant impact on «business Zadorov».

We will remind that on 23 December the Supreme court announced the final verdict on the case of murder 13-the summer schoolgirl Tair Rada in 2006. The judges, a two to one vote, recognized the Novel Zadorov guilty of murder of the girl and upheld a life sentence issued twice by the district court of Nazareth. Judge Yitzhak Amit and Zvi was recognized Silbertal Zadorov guilty. Judge Yoram Danziger who adhere to a different opinion were in the minority.

Also the respondents found the correct solution Silvan Shalom to quit politics (72%) and opposed the return of Aryeh Deri to the Ministry of internal Affairs (68%).

34% of respondents believe that over the activities of the Israel security Agency should be a more tight control, 44% reported that Shin bet uses torture to Palestinian Arabs and to the Jews suspected of terror. While 66% believe that the difference in approach to Arab and Jewish terrorists should not be, and the same – that torture is justified if necessary to prevent an impending terrorist attack.

The survey «Panels Participation»: 38% of Israelis believe in the innocence Zadorov 25.12.2015

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