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The suspected terrorist attack near the Israeli Embassy in Jordan. Details

Allowed to publish information about the incident, which occurred on the evening of July 23 near the Israeli Embassy in Jordan.

According to information cleared for publication that the incident occurred in the house of the employee of security service of Embassy of Israel in Amman. The house is located in the vicinity of the Embassy. A Jordanian worker were in the house to replace the furniture, attacked Israelis and hit it with a screwdriver.

Members of the Israeli Embassy drew a gun and shot the worker. During the incident, suffered a citizen of Jordan, was present in the house. Radio «Kahn Beth» said that it was the owner of the apartment I rented employee of the Israeli Embassy. Both Jordanian citizen died from his injuries. An Israeli was slightly injured, and he did not require hospitalization.

As writes portal Ynet, the security services assume that we are talking about a terrorist attack committed on the background of the events around the Temple mount.

The Jordanian authorities need to investigate the incident, including the ability to interrogate the Israelis, however, under the Vienna Convention, Embassy staff have diplomatic immunity and therefore cannot be investigated in Jordan. Justice Minister Ayelet shaked also said that the Israelis will not be questioned, as it has immunity.

The correspondent of radio «Kahn Beth» ROI Sharon reported that the Jordanian authorities do not allow to evacuate the Embassy staff to Israel until will not be held rassledovanie incident.

In the night of Monday, July 24, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Israeli Ambassador to Jordan Anat shlein and with Embassy officers involved in the incident.

The first information about the attack came on Sunday around 18:00. But no details for a long time the Jordanians were not published.

The terrorist attack at the Israeli Embassy in Amman the evening of July 23 reported by many foreign media. However, Israel had imposed a ban on publication of information about the emergency situation at the Embassy until «further notice».

Around 19:30 Jordanian media reported that the Embassy building, shots were heard. The area around the Embassy was cordoned off by Jordanian security forces on the scene arrived the head of the interior Ministry of Jordan. The website Ammon News reported that the Embassy is wounded.

Shortly thereafter, the Jordanian website, «al-had» reported that the security officer of the Embassy was stabbed in the chest. The assailant, a Jordanian national, died from two gunshot wounds.

Reuters reported one killed a Jordanian, and two wounded – the citizens of Jordan and Israel. In the message it was said that these people received bullet wounds. It was also reported that two armed terrorists were in the complex of the Embassy of Israel under the guise of workers.

Jordanian news site Hala reported about two killed Jordanians, including the doctor at the Embassy, and wounded one Israeli.

The Israeli media does not publish information about the incident as censorship allowed to report about it only in the morning of 24 July.

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The suspected terrorist attack near the Israeli Embassy in Jordan. Details 24.07.2017

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