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The Swiss foreign Ministry will tighten control over the funding of Palestinian organizations

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Switzerland Didier Burkhalter urged to tighten control over the funding of Palestinian organizations, as he said this week during debate in the Senate, said on 15 June the website of the channel RFJ.

«We need to take measures to prevent the use of funds of our citizens to incite hatred against Jews and Israel,» – leads edition of the words of the Minister.

It also calls to reconsider the terms of cooperation with non-governmental organizations and more clearly defined in these documents the «political risks».

«The Swiss government will play a more active role in overseeing distribution of funds – on a global scale and, in particular, the middle East, where the risk of abuse is higher,» said Burkhalter.

The Minister admitted that the current financing conditions of the Palestinian and some Israeli non-governmental organizations need to be reviewed, stressing that Switzerland does not in any way support those who incite hatred, anti-Semitism and organizations associated with the BDS movement, calling for a boycott of Israel.

Earlier this week, the Council of the cantons of Switzerland, the highest legislative body of this country, approved a resolution prohibiting government agencies to Fund organizations suspected of racism, anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred.

Professor Gerald Steinberg, head of non-governmental human rights Monitor, which monitors such activity, said that the decision of the Swiss Parliament will have a «fundamental impact» on all government agencies, including the Ministry of foreign Affairs. He stressed that for the first time in history a European country has approved the resolution, the law prohibiting the funding of anti-Semitic organizations.

This document was initiated and prepared by the member of Parliament Christian EMERCOM and approved by the lower house of Parliament, where he voted 111 parliamentarians. This event was actively covered in the local media.

The Monitor notes that the main channel of funding for such organizations is the Secretariat for human rights and international humanitarian law – structure, uniting politicians from Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. Its content has more than 40 Israeli and Palestinian organizations supporting BDS movement calling for a boycott of Israel and spreading the information about «Israeli apartheid.»

In the period from 2014 to 2016, the Secretariat has provided these organizations with more than $ 14 million, with 11 of the 20 grantees are active supporters of BDS.

The Swiss foreign Ministry will tighten control over the funding of Palestinian organizations

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