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The Syrian opposition said that will be fighting, despite the truce

Three Syrian opposition organization said stop fighting during a truce, as Russian aviation continues to bomb their positions, the BBC reported.

Recall that Russia and the United States agreed on a Declaration of ceasefire in Syria, but the armistice does not extend to terrorist organizations. Moscow believes the terrorists «Islamic state» and «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra», but a number of other groups included in the opposition coalition.

«Syrian free army», the armed forces of the moderate opposition, said that he doubted the sincerity of Russia.

The Islamist group «Ahrar al-sham» said that he would continue to fight until the government war continue to fire at them. She also demanded to lift the blockade of the cities, open border crossings for refugees and release the prisoners.

Group «Faylaq al-sham», in turn, said he did not lay down their arms while Assad remains in power.

Earlier Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with the news Agency France Presse that he intends to regain control over the entire territory of the country.

The Syrian opposition said that will be fighting, despite the truce 13.02.2016

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