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The team is one of the schools of Andalusia has won 300 million euros in a lottery «the Fat one»

Teachers and pupils of the secondary school Emilio Manzano, located in a small Spanish town Loyer de Andarax, province of Andalucia, which had acquired tickets for the annual Christmas lottery El Gordo («Fatso»), won a total of 300 million euros.

About this amazing incident to write this week, foreign media and, in particular, the British newspaper The Telegraph, which cites local newspaper La Información.

El Gordo is the second oldest lottery in the world. It was first held on December 22, 1812 in Cadiz, and since then this tradition has not been interrupted. No exception, even the civil war: the lottery moved to Valencia with the government of Republicans. After Raffles returned to Madrid and continued in the reign of dictator Francisco Franco, reminds the edition Noticia.

Each ticket costs 200 euros, so many people buy his tenth (decimo) for 20 euros. You can purchase a smaller share: often in Spanish institutions buy the ticket then resell to customers for 1 Euro.

Due to the high number of participants, numbers are repeated up to 160 times, and thus, even if the number is won on the «Fat man» , we have to share the prize with at least 159 with lucky. For this reason, the largest individual win in the lottery is 4 million euros.

The students of this school made it their goal to raise money for a summer trip and sold about 800 «decimos», and each ticket is now worth € 400,000. «Happy» was ticket No. 79140.

The newspaper reminds that in 2011 the entire «Fat man» went to the residents of the village of Soweto. The only one of its 250 inhabitants who have not purchased a ticket, was living on the outskirts of the Greek, which had no idea about the importance of the Christmas lottery for the Spaniards.

The team is one of the schools of Andalusia has won 300 million euros in a lottery «the Fat one» 24.12.2015

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