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«The telephone terrorist» tried to commit suicide five times in two weeks

The lawyer of the 19-year-old resident of Ashkelon, who has dual Israeli-American citizenship who was recognized as the district court of tel Aviv convicted of mailing threats to Jewish centers in America and other countries, says her client, who is now in a prison mental hospital for the last two weeks has committed five suicide attempts.

About it writes on Thursday, may 18, the site of the Tenth channel ITV, who gave an interview to the lawyer of the Shire of Research.

Arrested in March this year, the young man, whose name the press doesn’t reveal it, charged with several thousand items, among which the publication of false information, causing panic, computer hacking and money laundering.

On the website of the Ministry of justice published the suspect’s name: Michael Ron David Kadar.

The investigation revealed that the defendant threatened 2000 institutions in different countries of the world, including the Israeli Embassy in Washington, as well as Israeli diplomatic missions, schools, shopping centres, police stations, hospitals and airlines.

On Wednesday evening, may 17, the Second channel ITV has published the records of three threats received by the us close to the Jewish school, the Jewish hospital and the police, who he said that holds hostage the family of us official, and intends to shoot it. In all cases the equipment to change voices, conversations were conducted in English.

Lawyer Shira NIR calls to organize a fundraiser for the treatment of his client, diagnosed with a benign brain tumor affecting behavior, method of cryptandra.

According to the indictment, brought against the Kadar in the state of Florida, in the period from 4 January to 7 March of this year, Kadar repeatedly called in Jewish community centers, informing of a possible bomb threat. Although none of the cases the explosive device in the building was detected, calls with threats led to the temporary closure of establishments and the evacuation of their employees, and to specific actions of the police, conducted in cordoned off areas.

According to the charge brought in the state of Georgia, 3 January 2017 Kadar informed the police about the emergency situation allegedly created in one of private houses of Athens. Police and security personnel arrived at the alleged «scene» to see that there was nothing going on.

Former Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, James Comey previously said: «the Actions of the accused is no joke, it’s not harmless. These are crimes that frighten people, paralyse whole communities and lead to senseless waste of law enforcement resources».

According the anti-defamation League, January 9, only in the Jewish centers in the U.S. received 166 calls and threatening letters. Similar calls have terrorized the Jewish schools and centers in New Zealand, Australia, and Israel.

Earlier it was reported that the suspect is a large part of his life spent in the United States. The boy from the first grade was homeschooled. His family immigrated to Israel three years ago. The detainee claims that dreamed of serving in the IDF and was looking forward to the agenda, but it was deemed unsuitable for military service. Parents of the teenager and the lawyer said that the boy was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor that affects his behavior.

«The telephone terrorist» tried to commit suicide five times in two weeks 18.05.2017

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