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The tenth channel ITV: a senior Israeli delegation visited Riyadh

Sunday, February 28, 10-th channel ITV reported that a senior Israeli delegation visited the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh. Information correspondent on Arab Affairs Tzvi Yechezkeli, the visit took place a few weeks ago. Details of the visit were not disclosed, but according to the reporter, the message about it appears in the accounts of social networks of members of the Arab parties.

According to Yehezkeli, until recently, the Arab regimes, which come into contact with Israel, preferred not to advertise them, leaving behind the scenes. Publication of the fact of the visit of the Israeli delegation in Riyadh is, in the opinion of the commentator, a manifestation of the change in policy of the king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abd al-Aziz, which is less than reconciled relationship with Israel with the prospects of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This change, according to the commentator, dictated primarily by mutual interests in confronting the Iranian threat.

According to the reporter, in recent times, there has been more visits by the representatives of Israel in the Arab countries. Details of these visits are prohibited.

In November 2015 the Barack Ravid reported in the newspaper ha’aretz that in Abu Dhabi will open an official representation in Israel. This diplomatic mission will only work with located in the capital of the UAE headquarters the International Agency for renewable energies (IRENA).

Barack Ravid noted that the Israeli representative office in the UAE will be unique in its kind. As a rule, countries with embassies in Abu Dhabi, assign one employee to represent their interests in IRENA.

States that do not have embassies in UAE, send your representatives a few times a month, but do not contain in Abu Dhabi permanent missions for this purpose.

Israel was the only country that opened in Abu Dhabi special representation associated with IRENA, to be able to contain a diplomatic mission in the UAE. In Jerusalem, called the move a «breakthrough» and «great foreign policy success.»

The tenth channel ITV: a senior Israeli delegation visited Riyadh 29.02.2016

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