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The tenth in Israel is the reality on the smuggling of workers from Ukraine and Georgia

On Tuesday, February 6, the Tenth channel ITV, publishes an article about how in Israel earn money for asylum seekers from Ukraine and Georgia. In 2016, came to Israel about 9 thousand citizens of these countries who filed a petition for asylum.

Anat Gutman, coordinator of public policy at the Center for refugees and migrants said: «Government quota for the number of employees in construction, agriculture, care of the elderly. It’s the system that needs to deal with this problem, not working. Therefore, there are those who use it to illegally bring workers».

According to the lawyer of Tomer Varsha, there was a whole industry involved in the import into Israel of workers from Georgia and Ukraine. Assistance in filling out petitions for asylum, coordinate their arrival, they find employers. For all this, the mediators get a decent amount of money. And all this is done to bypass the migration policy of Israel.

In the report of the Center for refugees and migrants said about the Israeli recruitment agencies, which are spreading in the countries of origin of foreigners with false information about the possibility of legal employment in Israel.

After learning about this phenomenon, the interior Ministry issued new rules that allow you to summarily reject requests for asylum lodged by citizens of Georgia and Ukraine. However, as noted by the attorney Tomer Varsha, persons employed in this industry, have found a solution. They just began to give foreign workers visas. One who gets such visa, face not only detention and deportation, but also a criminal case in Israel.

Asylum seeker from Ukraine, whose name was not called, told that people were paying 300-800 dollars for the documents that allegedly allow them to enter Israel. However, the documents were fake, and when people came to Israel, they were not let in the country.

In the Department of the Ministry of justice on coordination of fight against trafficking in people confirmed that they are aware of the issue of import of workers from Ukraine and Georgia. The Department expressed concern about the spread of this phenomenon and assured that everything is being done to stop it. The police also claims that it deals with the problem.

The tenth in Israel is the reality on the smuggling of workers from Ukraine and Georgia 06.02.2018

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